Tsar Mihail Shishman (1323 – 1330)

FOLLOWING THE EARLY DEATH of Svetoslav’s son, Georgi Terter II, Tsar Mihail Shishman took over. He spent the years of his rule, from 1323 to 1330, almost entirely on horseback, the peaceful years under Todor Svetoslav a thing of the past. The Despot of Vidin Mihail Shishman was elected Tsar by the boyars. His enthroning marked the beginning of a new dynasty, the Shishmans, which was to hold power until the decline of the Second Bulgarian State. Mihail Shishman fought many battles, knew the joy of victory and the frustration of defeat. His first battles with the Byzantines in Thrace showed the basileus the strength and experience of his opponent. Constantinople acknowledged Bulgaria’s gains south of the Balkan range. Despot Voisil who was holding several fortresses in the Sub-Balkan valley was subdued, too.

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