Troyan Monastery

The Troyan Monastery “St. Holy Virgin” National tourist object. Founded in 1600. The present monastery was built in 1835. Mural paintings made by the famous Zahari Zograph and Dimiter Zograph. Museum collection that keeps early printed books, scripts and icons.

A chronicle dates back the foundation of the monastery in the year 1600; nothing but the throne stone of the church remains from that time. The Troyan Monastery belongs comple- tely to the Bulgarian National Revival period. In 1872 Vassil Levski set up here a secret revolutionary committee, which was joined by all the monks headed by the Father Superior Macarius. Four years later, the monastery become a citadel of the 1876 April Uprising. Fortunately, most of the great works of National Revival art have survived. The iconostasis of the main church made in 1839 is a masterpiece of woodcarving. Amazing in its originality, is the much earlier carving of the holy altar gates in the St. Nikola Chapel.

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