National Anthem

The Anthem was written and composed by a Bulgarian student, Tsvetan Tsvetkov Radoslavov, in 1885, as he went off to fight in the Serbo-Bulgarian war.

Here is link of the anthem

In transliterated Bulgarian In English
Gorda Stara planina,
do ney Dunava siney,
sluntse Trakiya ogryava,
nad Pirina plameney.
Mila Rodino,
ti si zemen ray,
tvoyta hubost, tvoyta prelest,
ah, te nyamat kray.
Padnaha bortsi bezchet
za naroda nash lyubim,
mayko, day ni muzhka sila
putya im da produlzhim.
Proud Balkan mountains,
next to them the Danube flows,
the sun sheds its light over Thrace,
shining over Pirin.
Dear native land,
you are paradise on earth,
your beauty and your charm,
ah, they never end.
Many fighters gave their life
for our dear nation,
Mother, give us strength
to follow in their steps.


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