Khan Pressian (836 – 852)

THE RULE OF KHAN PRESSIAN from 836 to 852 was marked by fierce battles, exhausting marches and swift military raids. No reliable records have been found regarding the internal policy of Omurtag’s grandson. He succeeded his uncle Malamir to the throne after Malamir had ruled the country for just five years in peace with Byzantium. Pressian put an end to that peace. Byzantium was depleted by a bloody war with the Arabs. The Slavic tribes within the empire were rebelling and their chiefs were looking north to Bulgaria where they could find protection together with other Slavs. The Khan believed it was time to expand Bulgaria’s territory to Macedonia in the southwest. His right-hand man was the old Kav-Khan Isbul who had been the indispensable aide of his grandfather Omurtag.

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