Second Bulgarian Kingdom

Pronounced discontent occurred in the summer of 1185 in Northern Bulgaria, where the Constantinople government introduced an intolerable additional tax. This anti-Byzantine struggle was headed by the Turnovo boyars, Petar and Assen. In autumn of the same year they proclaimed restoration of the Bulgarian state before a multitude of people gathered for inauguration of the new St. Dimitrius church in Tirnovo. The elder of the two brothers – Petar (r. 1185-1190; 1196-1197) was crowned. In the years that followed, the Byzantines suffered many defeats in the southern Bulgarian lands. The second Bulgarian Kingdom added a lot of areas to its territory.Bulgaria also regained the Belgrade and Branichevo regions.

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Tsar Peter II and Tsar Assen I (1185 – 1197)

ON A NOVEMBER DAY in 1185 hundreds of Bulgarians amassed in front of the newly erected Church of St. Demetrius in Turnovo. They came to celebrate the church's inauguration, hut cheered even louder at the appearance of two nobles, the…
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Tsar Kaloyan (1197 – 1207)

BY FINISHING THE WAR OF LIBERATION his brothers had started, Tsar Kaloyan, who ruled from 1197 to 1207, proved himself a deserved leader. In the beginning, Tsar Kaloyan tended to avoid confrontation with Byzantium in order to subdue the splinter…
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Tsar Ivan Assen II (1218 – 1241)

MANY HISTORIANS HAVE WRITTEN of the life and deeds of Ivan Assen II and unanimous by recognize him as one of the greatest statesmen of medieval Bulgaria. He would never use a sword where reason, humaneness and patience would do,…
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Tsar Ivailo (1278 – 1280)

IN THE LAST DAYS of Ivan Assen's rule, the threat of a Tartar invasion loomed over Bulgaria. His underage sons Koloman and Mihail II Assen, from his first and second marriage respectively, ascended the throne one after the other, and…
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Tsar Teodor Svetoslav (1300 – 1321)

IN THE EARLY SPRING of 1300 a young Bulgarian was wandering about in the camp of the Tartar Golden Horde. Tsar Georgi Terter's son had been sent there as a hostage of the powerful Tartar Khan Nogay who had complete…
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Tsar Mihail Shishman (1323 – 1330)

FOLLOWING THE EARLY DEATH of Svetoslav's son, Georgi Terter II, Tsar Mihail Shishman took over. He spent the years of his rule, from 1323 to 1330, almost entirely on horseback, the peaceful years under Todor Svetoslav a thing of the…
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Tsar Ivan Alexander (1331 – 1371)

TSAR IVAN ALEXANDER was the tsar with the unhappy fate of watching the medieval Bulgarian state fade away. The Despot of Lovech Ivan Alexander took the throne triumphantly in 1331, having ousted Tsar Ivan Stefan, Anna-Neda's son. The first decade…
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Tsar Ivan Shishman (1371 – 1395)

AN OLD RUSSIAN PROVERB SAYS that the thirst for power is the hardest to quench. Ivan Shishman, Ivan Alexander's frstborn son from his second marriage, craved power. But his proved to be a short brush with power. He succeeded his…
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Tsar Ivan Stratsimir (1356 – 1396)

TSAR IVAN SRATSIMIR'S STATE spanned the lands between the Timok and the Iskar. He was crowned Tsar in Vidin at the request of his father Ivan Alexander. During his lifetime he had attempted to settle the relationship between his two…
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