First Bulgarian Kingdom

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Khan Kubrat (632 – 651)

THE NAME OF KHAN KUBRAT first appeared in Byzantine chronicles about 632 when his tribe, the Unogonduri, threw off the Turkic oppression. He succeeded in uniting the Bulgar tribes in the lands north of the Caucasus, between the Kuban, the…
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Khan Asparoukh (681 – 700)

THEN CAME ACROSS THE DANUBE Ispenkli Khan. Came to last to this day... This is how the first Bulgarian chronicle, the Name List of Bulgarian 'mans, gives account of the founding of the Bulgarian state and its creator. History has…
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Khan Kardam (777 – 803)

FOR SIX DECADES after Tervel's rule, Bulgaria was racked by internal fighting among the nobles. The pride over Tervel's glorious victories over the Byzantines and the Arabs was fading. Bulgaria was growing weak, shaken by continuous battles for the throne.…
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Khan Krum (803 – 814)

IN POWER FROM 803 to 814, Khan Krum made indelible mark on Bulgarian history Krum was an energetic, courageous and steadfast ruler, ruthless when necessary, keenly pursuing the expansion of his state. [hide]First he delivered a crushing blow to the…
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Khan Omurtag (814 – 831)

THERE IS AN ANCIENT ROMAN SAYING: even the most glorious victory is nothing but a gleam of fire. Khan Omurtag, who succeeded his father Krum to the throne in 814 seems to have drawn wisdom from these words. He always…
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Khan Pressian (836 – 852)

THE RULE OF KHAN PRESSIAN from 836 to 852 was marked by fierce battles, exhausting marches and swift military raids. No reliable records have been found regarding the internal policy of Omurtag's grandson. He succeeded his uncle Malamir to the…
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Boris I (852 – 889)

IN A LATE AUTUMN NIGHT of 864 Boris and his closest associates were baptized in the palace in Pliska. Bulgaria was to become a Christian state. Heaving ascended the throne in 852 as Pressian's successor, Boris I did not hesitate…
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Tsar Peter I (927 – 970)

AFTER THE REMARKABLE RULE of Simeon, Bulgaria fell into decay. Many historians tend to blame the successor of Simeon the Great, Tsar Peter I, for the decline of the country. They describe him as weak, sickly, meek and unstatesmanlike. Indeed,…
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Tsar Samuil (997 – 1014)

THERE IS A BULGARIAN PROVERB THAT SAYS: if you want to know someone, give him power. The son of Tsar Peter I, Tsar Boris II proved to be a poor ruler. Under his watch, the Byzantines conquered Preslav and the…
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