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One of the most charming small Bulgarian towns, still preserving the atmosphere of the National Re- vival period, is huddled in the mountain folds 111 km east of Sofia. The town is a unique combina- tion of a legendary history…
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Kotel is a town which is a legend and a history! It is situated amidst the picturesque natural scenery of the Eastern Balkan Range and is not only a place with majestic nature, fresh air and pure mountain water, an…
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Melnik (pop. 800) is the smallest Bulgarian town, picturesquely situated amidst a fantastic scenery - strangely shaped pyramids of sand and limestone. [hide]During the 17th - 18th c. it become a flourishing tobacco and wineproducing center, whose fame spread to…
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It is located on a small peninsula in the Black Sea wich is linked with the land only by a long and narrow isthmus. It has existed for more than 9,000 years. It emerged as a fortified Thracian settlement; afterwards…
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Old Plovdiv

During the 19th century Bulgarian master builders erected the National Revival city of Plovdiv (the Old Town) with steep cobbled lanes, lovely houses with large bay windows and slender columns, latticed eaves and heavy oak gates, quiet green yards and…
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Shiroka luka

SHIROKA LUKA - a village in the valley of Shirokolushka River, 20 km north-west of Smolyan; architectural and ethnographical reserve. Population of 910. Settled at the time of mass conversion to Mohammedanism of the Rhodope population during the years of…
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Apolonia - this is how it was called in 610 B.C. by its founders - Greek settlers from Miletus, who erected a majestic bronze statue of the God of Health, Sun and Beauty Apollo above the town. [hide]Numerous red and…
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Tryavna is a town preferred by tourists for its clean mountain air and unique Renaissance architecture. The guests of the town will enjoy their excursions to various villages and huts, scattered in the vicinity. Tryavna is situated 400 meters above…
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The village of Zheravna resembles a wreath spread over the southern slopes of two small hills in the Eastern Balkan Range. Brooks run softly down its steep lanes. The village houses with their broad eaves peak out behind high stone…
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Bozhentsi architectural and historic reserve

An idyllic village nestling in the folds of the Balkan Range, 16 km from the town of Gabrovo, which time seems to have lulled to sleep centuries ago. [hide]The shutters of the workshops have been closed, the blacksmiths have stopped…
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