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Pirin National Park

Difficult of access, but singulary beautiful, the Pirin Mountains have always attracted man and yet remained an enigma. A protected area of 27,400 hectares is located in the northern and central mountain part. [hide]About 60 alpine peaks, snow-capped for most…
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Thracian Tomb Of Sveshtari

Located in a region declared an archaeological reserve, near the town of Razgrad. 2300 years ago master stonemasons erected the tomb of a Thracian king. [hide]Perfect as architecture, it amazes both with its wealth of sculptural ornaments - the caryatides…
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Rilla Monastery

Rila Monastery was founded in the l0th century by the Bulgarian monk St. John of Rila and was rebuilt in the l3th -l4th century. From that time are the fortress tower (1334), the bishop's throne, richly carved doors and some…
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Srebarna Nature Reservat

Srebarna Lake is located on the Danube flood plain, 19km west of the town of Silistra. The area was declared a wildfowl refuge in 1942 and established as a nature reserve in 1948. [hide]Srebarna is the only natural tract of…
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The Madara Horseman

One of the most difficult artistic tasks is to synthesize a great idea, a message to contemporary and future generations. Such was the task of the sculptor who created the rock relief known as the Madara Horseman. He performed his…
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Ivanovo Rock

Located on almost a cosmic landscape - rock massifs, enveloping the picturesque river valley near the city of Rousse. [hide]As if striving to be closer to God, hermit monks settled here during the 11th - 14th century, digging cells, churches…
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The Boyana Church

During the Middle Ages the strong Bulgarian fortress of Boyana (Batil) stood on the lower slopes of Mount Vitosha in what is now the Sofia suburb of Boyana. This name is mentioned for the firs time in 969. Boyana was…
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Austere houses that resemble minor fortresses on the outside. with high, solid walls and heavy gates, iron, rids and secret hiding-places, but which are spacious and comfortable, richly decorated and furnished on the inside. [hide]The oldest of Arbanassi’s five churches…
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The newest Bulgarian winer resort, recently discovered by the foreign tourists, Bansko provides an interesting combination between the virgin nature of Pirin Mountain and the atmosphere of the ancient Bulgarian town. [hide]The town of Bansko is situated in Southwestern Bulgaria,…
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Eight km from the center of Gabrovo, master craftsmen fashion beautiful gold, silver, copper, leather and wooden articles right before your eyes from early morning until late at the night. The waft of freshly baked bread drifts across from an…
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