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Aladja Monastery

This is one of the few preserved and accessible rock monasteries in Bulgaria, dating from the early Middle Ages and conforming to the hesychastic idea of silence, asceticism and moral perfection. [hide]Monastic cells and a small church have been dug…
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Troyan Monastery

The Troyan Monastery "St. Holy Virgin" National tourist object. Founded in 1600. The present monastery was built in 1835. Mural paintings made by the famous Zahari Zograph and Dimiter Zograph. Museum collection that keeps early printed books, scripts and icons.…
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Cherepish Monastery

History links the name of Sophronius of Vratsa also with another monastery quite remote from the Kapinovo one - the Cherepish Monastery. Like all other Bulgarian monasteries, it also rises above a river - the Iskar, more precisely in its…
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Drianovo Monastery

The Drianovo Monastery is located in the Stara Planina mountain near veliko Turnovo.The monastery was founded in the XIth century. [hide]It was two times destroyed by the ottomans and was built for a third time in the XVIIth century.The Archangel…
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Rojen Monastery

The Rojen monastery is an ancient architectural record situated in the south-west side of the Pirin mountain. It was built in the XIVth cent. The church that can be seen today is reconstructed and painted in 1732. The wall-paintings, the…
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Rila Monastery

The most impressive monument from the Bulgarian National Revival period rises amidst the rugged beauty of the Rila Mountains, just 120 km from Sofia. Having survived the times with the self-confidence of the most zealous guard of the Bulgarian spirit…
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Bachkovo Monastery

One of the oldest monasteries in the Bulgarian lands, it rises in the picturesque Chaya river valley, 29 km south of Plovdiv. Founded in 1083, Bachkovo Monastery is chiefly known for its original architecture, rich collections of old icons, jewellery,…
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Kilifarevo Monastery

The Kilifarevo Monastery has gone down in the annals of Bulgarian history as the "Second University of Mediaeval Bulgaria", following that of Clement of Ochrid's large School in Ochrid. It was founded between 1348 and 1350 upon the order of…
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Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak

The geographical center of Bulgaria - between the Stara Planina and Sredna Gora mountains - is known as the Rose Valley. For centuries the fragrant Bulgarian rose has been grown there and the attar of roses is extracted fro the…
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In 1983 Nessebur was put on the UNESCO List of World Cultural Monuments. Systematic archaeological studies, reinforcement, restoration and conservation have preserved the material traces of history more than anywhere else. [hide]You feel as if you are on the borderline…
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