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Author's Posts: Bulgarian President Signs Decree to Release Interior Ministry's Chief Secretary from Office » Trump Accuses China of Trying to 'Impact' US Election with Trade War » Heavy Truck Traffic on Kapitan Andreevo, Ruse, Vidin and Kulata Checkpoints » Terminals for E-vignettes in Bulgaria will Operate with Debit and Credit Cards » Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Meteorology Institute Sign Agreement » President Radev Asks Constitutional Court on Amendments to Administrative Procedure Code » Pensions in Bulgaria will Rise by 5.7% from 1 July Next Year » Syria Downs Russian Plane, Moscow Blames Israel (Updated) » Russian Military Plane Disappears from Radar near Syria » Bulgaria: BNT is not Planning a Junior Eurovision Return in 2019 » Bulgaria’s Jobless Rate Edges Down to 5.6 % in August » Today is the Official Celebration of Sofia » EU Parliament Approves €34 Million in Aid to Greece, Poland, Lithuania and Bulgaria » 12,000 People Lived in Sofia During the Liberation, Today the City has over 1.3 Million Residents » Bulgaria’s Soviet Jets: Trojan Horses In A NATO Air Force? – Analysis » Bulgarian President: The EU will be Successful only if it Represents the Success of all its Member States » Bus Passengers in Bulgaria who are not Wearing Seat belts Face BGN 50 Fine » Bulgarian and Romanian Journalists were Detained, the Interior Ministry Said it was just for Questioning (Updated) » Bulgaria’s most Powerful Politician Buys Varna Power Station » There are Good Reasons to Expect a Rise in Bread Price in Bulgaria » Employee of Sofia Airport Security Department Fired over Failure to Check Passengers from Lebanon » Swiss Citizen Charged with Terrorism after Trying to Enter Turkey from Bulgaria » Bulgarian Parliament Adopts Introduction of Toll Road System » Bulgaria Inflation Holds Steady In August » Azerbaijan and Bulgaria Discuss Prospects for Development of Military Cooperation » Bulgaria Reportedly Considering Extraditing German National to Turkey » Turkey Reinforces Military in Syria's Idlib after Ceasefire Call Fails » Morocco's Foreign Minister Arrives on a Visit to Bulgaria » Passengers from Lebanon Entered the EU Without Inspection at Sofia Airport » Ukrainian Embassy Condemns Visit of Bulgarian Politicians to Occupied Crimea » President Radev Awarded Madara Horseman Order to the Croatian Ambassador » Will Bread Prices in Bulgaria Increase if Gas Price Goes up? » Indonesia will Have a Consulate in Bansko » Bulgarian Economy Ministry Takes Control Over the Activities with Gold and Precious Stones » Bulgarian Parliament Speaker: We are Ready to Support the Republic of Serbia in Opening New Chapters of the EU Accession Process » Draining of Oil from Shipwreck off Bulgarian Coast Postponed due to Strong Wind » PM Borisov: There will be an Increase in Wages in the Bulgarian State Sector » Russia Launches Biggest ever War Games » Bulgarian National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology may be Forced to Stop Working » Border Police: Heavy Traffic at Kapitan Andreevo Checkpoint at Bulgarian-Turkish Border » New Ukrainian Ambassador Begins Diplomatic Mission in Bulgaria » Sweden Faces Government Deadlock as Far-right Gains » The Ruling Coalition in Bulgaria Announced the Names of the New Ministers » EU, US Seek to Clear Trade Talks Confusion » Bulgaria Blvd. Open for Traffic, See where the Renovations Continue in Sofia » Court Postpones Trial Against Former Mladost Mayor » Policeman Fired Over Car Accident Involving Bulgarian President’s Father » Border Police: Heavy Traffic at All Bulgarian Checkpoints » President Ram Nath Kovind: Indian Companies are Willing to Contribute to Bulgarian Market » 'TREASON?' Asks Trump as Senior Official Says Staff are Against Him » Bulgaria Celebrates 133rd Anniversary Since Unification of Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia » Mayor of Bansko: This Year Again, Bansko is a Major Festival Destination » Toll System in Bulgaria will More than Double Income for Road Maintenance and Repair » Bulgarian Socilaist Party: We Want Dissolution of Parliament and Early Elections » Bulgaria Opens a General Honorary Consulate in Jerusalem » President Radev Awarded Stara Planina Order to the Austrian Ambassador » Indian President Invites Bulgaria to Become the Key Partner in Defense Sector » India President Kovind Arrives in Bulgaria » Parliament Adopts 2017 Annual Activity Report of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences » Bulgaria will Cooperate with Belarus and Georgia on Labour Migration » Bulgarian Parliament Adopts Amendments that make Seatbelts on Buses Mandatory » Bulgarian Parliament Votes Against Allowing Smoking in Indoor Public Places » GERB: Bulgarian Municipal Roads will not be Funded via Tolls » Prime Minister Borisov Arrived in Tel Aviv » Bulgarian MPs Opened the New Session of the National Assembly » PETA Calls Out Inhumane Transport of Pigs Between Bulgaria and Georgia » Bulgaria’s Ruling Coalition Shaken by Resignations » German Far-left Politician Launches 'Stand up' Movement » PM Borisov with a New Idea for Equal Toll Taxes on the Balkans » Goods whose Prices have Risen most in Bulgaria for the Past Two Decades » Traffic Safety Expert: Legal Changes are Needed to Improve Safety on the Bulgarian Roads » Parking in Front of the Bulgarian National Stadium Vasil Levski is Now Paid » Breaking News: Three Bulgarian Ministers Resigned Because of the Tragic Bus Crash near Svoge » Bulgaria has the Most Women in Tech in the EU » For 10 Years, Households' Financial Assets in Bulgaria Jumped Threefold » Rose Producers in Bulgaria Received nearly BGN 2 Million of State Aid » Budget MEPs Approve 34M Euro Aid to Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Lithuania » Fees for Money Transfers in Euro to and from Bulgaria will Decrease Drastically » India and Bulgaria to Sign MoU to Promote Tourism » Sofia Mayor on the Future of Lift Facilities on Vitosha » Sofia: Central Repository for System and Registry Data will be Launched by November 15 » All Institutions in Bulgaria Dealing with Road Safety will be Consolidated into a Single Unit » NIMH is Leaving the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences » Russia to Hold Biggest Military Drills Since Cold War » Bulgaria Invites Russia, Belarus to Overhaul Su-25s » Bulgaria Will Pay About EUR 5 Million for Repair of Russian Т-72 Tanks » Vintage Steam Train with Royal Carriage for the Bulgarian Independence Day, Tickets Sold from 29 August » The 75th anniversary of the death of Bulgarian Tsar Boris III » New Regulations on Seat Belts in Buses after Tragic Incident near Svoge » Bulgarian Commercial Register Operation Fully Restored, Agency Says » Russia Calls UK's Black Sea Air Force Interceptions Dangerous » Romania and Bulgaria have Lowest Prices for Consumer Goods and Services in EU » Bulgarian Border Police: Heavy Truck Traffic on Kapitan Andreevo Checkpoint » Sofia Metro Passengers between April and June 2018 Increase by 3% YoY » Border Police: Heavy Traffic at Malko Tarnovo, Danube Bridge-Vidin, Danube Bridge-Ruse Border Checkpoints » Bulgarian President Criticises Defence Officials over U.S. Visit » Bulgaria Shortlists Russian UAC, Belarusian ARP to Overhaul Su-25 Fleet » Bulgaria, Cyprus at Loggerheads over Failure of Insurance Company » Bulgaria has Lowest Consumer Price Levels in EU – Eurostat » Bulgarian Border Police: Heavy Traffic on Borders with Greece, Serbia and Romania » Bulgarian President: The Olympic and Commercial Register Cases go Deeper than Suggested » Agriculture Minister: Fence at the Border with Romania will be Ready this Month » Bulgarian Regulator Pledges 'Every Effort' to Aid Clients of Troubled Cypriot Insurer » The Bulgarian Government will Participate in Talks between NIMH and BAS » Reuters: Bulgarian Government Approves Action Plan to Euro Membership » Russians 'Testing' British RAF Response as Interceptions over Black Sea Increase » Telenor Bulgaria Adds Huawei Body Fat Smart Scale to Offer » PM Borisov: CEM must Deal with the Problem with BNR Children’s Choir » The 7th Grade School Year in Bulgaria will be Extended by Two Weeks » Heavy Traffic of Trucks Exiting Bulgaria Through Danube Bridge and Danube Bridge 2 Border Checkpoints » Bulgarian Parliament Dismisses FSC Deputy Chair » Normal Traffic on Sofia "Bulgaria" Boulevard will be Resumed on September 10 » Bulgarian Military Ministry Delegation is Leaving for the United States » Ralitsa Agayn, FSC: Average Loss for Bulgarians Insured by Olympic will be BGN 200 » Challenges for Bulgarian Residential Construction » 11 Foreign Citizens Detained in Police Operation in Sofia » Border Police: Heavy Truck Traffic on Kulata, Ruse and Vidin Checkpoints » Did Putin Overplay his Hand over Macedonia Name Deal » Bulgaria Issues Tender for Biometric ID System » Bulgaria's Top Prosecutor Orders Probe of Regulator over Insurer » Fibank Launches its Smart Lady Program Aimed at Women in Business » Bulgaria Introduces Possibility for Electronic Storage of Employment Documents » No Hot Water until 29 August in Big Part of Sofia » Bulgarian Finance Minister Says FSC Deputy Chair Should Resign » Russian Military Braces for Massive War Games in the East » Three More Repairs on Hemus and Trakia Motorways will Start by the End of the Year » Tough Talks, No Agreements at Merkel, Putin Meeting near Berlin » BDZ will Buy 42 Trains for BGN 810 Million » Bulgarian Registry Agency Head Resigns » U.S. and Bulgarian Navy Servicemen Participated in Joint Exercise in Varna » Israeli F-16S: A Possible Upgrade to the Bulgarian Air Force » Bulgaria to Renovate Bridges after Italy Bridge Collapse » PM Borisov: I'm not Happy with the Chief of the Commercial Register » PM and Regional Development Minister Launch New Road Section Construction on Hemus Motorway » Macedonia, Bulgaria To Strengthen Cultural Cooperation » Bulgarian CPC Issues First Decisions Prohibiting Concentrations » Bulgaria's Jobless Rate Edges Down » US Plans to Upgrade Military Bases in Romania, Bulgaria » Bulgarian PM Borisov: 130 million Needed for Bridges, Trestles and Viaducts in Poor Condition » Registry Agency: As of August 16, Commercial Register Users Could Make Checks by National Identity Number » The Poverty Line in Bulgaria for 2019 will be BGN 348 » Bulgarian Government Approves 11 National Scientific Programs for 2018-2022 Period » Putin Ready to Meet North Korea's Kim » National Statistical Institute: Household Income in Bulgaria Increased in 2018 » Bulgarian Navy Will Receive New Motorboats for $2 million as a Donation from US » Election Authority to Appeal Against Court Ruling on Voting Machine Introduction in Bulgaria » Statistics: The Unemployment Rate in Bulgaria Decreases in 2018 » Prices of Living in Bulgaria Grew by 0.7% in July » Over 280 kg of Unfit Food has been Seized During Black Sea Check-ups » Urban Mobility: Teams are Working to Expand the Green Zone in Sofia » Trump Gives $717 Billion Defense Bill a Green Light. » Burgas Governor: No Threat to Environment or Beach Visitors after Fuel Oil Leak from Sunken Ship near Sozopol » 4th Day Without Access to the Bulgarian Commercial Register – Dangers and Recovery Forecasts » Merkel to Meet Putin on Saturday for Talks on Ukraine and Syria » Iran's Khamenei: No War, no Negotiations with the US » Prices of Civil Liability Vehicle Insurance Again Rise Sharply » Liquid Leaks from 100-year Old American Sunken Ship near Sozopol » Repairs Close Segments of Key Boulevards in Sofia » Bulgarian PM Tells BAS and NIMH to Find Joint Solution by Next Wednesday » Erdogan Says Lira Crash 'Political Plot' Against Turkey » Koreas to Hold Pyongyang Summit in September » President Rumen Radev Awards Madara Order to Ukrainian Ambassador Mykola Baltazhy » Bulgaria, NSI: Employees Under Labour Contract Increase 1.8% in Q2 2018 » Tendering Underway for Phase 2 of Macedonia – Bulgaria Link » US, Allies Train for Enemies Big and Small in Bulgaria » Russian Prime Minister Warns US Against Ramping up Sanctions » The Repairs of Streets in Sofia Continue after 15 September » European Commission Supports Reforms in Bulgaria » New Repairs Change Urban Transport Movement in Sofia » Vivacom Launches 4G Voice Service and Wi-Fi Calling in Bulgaria » Border Police: Heavy Traffic of Trucks Exiting Bulgaria at Kulata, Kapitan Andreevo and Danube Bridge – Ruse Checkpoints » The Bulgarian Cabinet has Allocated over BGN 1.6 Million for an Embassy in Riyadh » Political Analyst: People in Bulgaria are not Familiar with the Term “Fake News” » The Average Insurable Income in Bulgaria in June 2018 was BGN 875 » Today is the Official Day of the Largest Land Training of the Bulgarian Military Forces for 2018 » PM Boyko Borisov: By the End of the Year, we will have E-register for People with Disabilities » The Bulgarian PM Borisov Promised that Hemus Highway will Be Finished by 2024 » Four Paws Foundation: Number of Stray Animals Decreasing, Growing Interest in Adoptions in Bulgaria » Traffic Police Dobrich: Nearly 5,000 Vehicles Daily Come via Durankulak Checkpoint in the Summer » Bulgaria Overhauls Mi-17 and Mi-24 Helicopters » Bulgaria's EUR 511 Million Tender for Railway Section Upgrade Draws 19 Bids » Bulgaria Details Armoured Vehicle Procurement » INNOWAVE SUMMIT 2018 » Watermelon and Melon Prices in Bulgaria are Rising Because of Compromised Crop in Key Regions » NATO to Build 1st Air Base in Western Balkans in Albania » Saudi Arabia Expels Canada’s Ambassador, Freezes Trade with Ottawa » Iran, Bulgaria to Boost Technological Coop » Messages of European Leaders from During Bulgarian Presidency Now Part of Exhibition of National Museum of Military History » Banking Union: Why Baulk at Bulgaria? » Minister Lilyana Pavlova Thanked Bulgarian Red Cross for Preparing Volunteers for Bulgaria's EU Presidency » Border Police: Heavy Traffic at Kapitan Andreevo, Kulata, Makaza, Kalotina and Rousse » For the Second Year, Bulgaria and Macedonia will Celebrate Together the Ilinden-Preobrazhenie Uprising » Over 24,000 Stray Dogs Walk Around the Streets of Bulgaria » Bulgarian Government Granting EUR 7.7 Million for Sofia Subway Line 3 Construction » How Much will Cost the Construction of the Longest Tunnel in Bulgaria? » Epic Drama Joins A1 Bulgaria » New Traffic Restrictions in Downtown Sofia due to Repairs » As of Today Third Country Nationals with a Ban to Enter Schengen Area will be Blocked from Entering Bulgaria » Bulgarian PM Borissov: Revenue Agencies Work Well – the most Material Expression is the Money in the Budget » Bulgaria Consents to UPC’s Provisional Application Phase » Bid to Build at UNESCO-protected Pirin National Park in Bulgaria Ruled 'illegal' » The Repairs on Sofia Boulevards are Delayed by the Rain » Macedonia to Hold Name Change Referendum on September 30 » Multinational Мilitary Еxercise Кicks off in Bulgaria » Bulgaria's Inercom Appeals Against Ruling over CEZ Assets » More than BGN 800 Million Revenue a Year Expected from the Toll System in Bulgaria » Polls Show Half of Britons Want New Brexit Referendum » Austrian and Bulgarian Companies will Build the Sofia-Kalotina Highway » Russia, Iran, Turkey Set To Meet In Sochi For Syria Discussions » Russian Bomber Intercepted by UK Aircraft Launched from MK Base, Black Sea » Black Sea Port of Constanţa hosts Allied Military Ships » Bulgarian Socialists Rally to Demand Early Election » Supporters of the Bulgarian Socialists Gather for the Traditional Assembly at Buzludzha Monument » Weather Forcast for Bulgaria: Before Noon Sunshine will Prevail over most of the Country » Montenegro and Bulgaria: Cooperation in NATO and EU Integration » Eurostat: Most Bulgarians Drive Second-hand Cars » Bulgaria Stops Access to People with a Ban to Enter Schengen from 1 August » The Constitutional Court Decided: The Istanbul Convention is Against the Bulgarian Constitution » IBRD to Provide Advisory Services on River Basin and Flood Management to Bulgaria for BGN 34.5 Million » Regional Minister: Roads in Northern Bulgaria Key Priority over the Next Years » U.S. Touts EU Trade Truce, Attention Now Turns to China » Bulgarian Labour Union Seeks 12% Higher Budget Wages » Bulgarian MPs Adopted Measures Against Football Hooliganism » Economist: Family Taxation is a must to Encourage Demographic Development in Bulgaria » State of Dams in Bulgaria Normal at the Moment, Says Agency » Trump Set for Tense Trade Talks with Top EU Chief Juncker » EU Commissioner Suggests Broad Cuts to Tariffs with U.S. » Euractiv: Bulgaria Issues Request for Proposals for New or Used Fighter Jets » Border Police: Heavy Traffic of Trucks Exiting Bulgaria through Kapitan Andreevo and Danube Bridge Checkpoints » Bulgaria Wraps Up Danube River Dredging » Theresa May has ‘Taken Control’ of the Brexit Negotiations » 61.6% of Bulgarians do not Expect Early Parliamentary Elections » Up to BGN 300,000 will be the Cost of the Fence on our Land Border with Romania » Telenor Bulgaria Offers Survey Оn Tablet Pack Plan for Business Customers » President Aliyev Changes Composition of Azerbaijan-Bulgaria Joint Commission » Bulgarian Pension Funds will have to Forecast the Future Pension of People » Sofia Municipality will Buy New Buses for the Lines to Vitosha » Only Eco-cars will have Access to the Center of Sofia » The Bulgarian Police will Increase Checks on Buses and TIR Trucks » The EC Approved the Bulgarian Program to Combat Double Standards in Food » France's Macron Orders Shake-up of Presidency after Bodyguard Scandal » Trump Warns Iran to "Never, ever threaten" U.S. or Suffer Consequences » Former Trump Advisor will Unite European Populists » Political Analyst: BSP’s Vision for Bulgaria Project is a Good Move » Sofia's Electronic Ticket System in Public Transport will Cost over BGN 73 Million » Bulgaria Parliament Bars Government from Signing Deals on Migrant Readmissions » The Bulgarian Customs have Collected nearly BGN 4.6 Billion for the First Half of the Year » The Macedonian Parliament Unanimously Approved a NATO Membership Declaration » Trump Invited Putin to the US » 1/3 of the Farmers in Bulgaria are over 65 Years of Age » Marines Are Practicing A Little-Used Tactic In Eastern Europe » The EC has Warned Bulgaria to Comply with th Green Laws » BGN 20 Million is the Annual Cost of Street Lighting in Sofia » CPC Stops the Deal for "Nova Broadcasting Group" » CPC Prohibit "Inercom" from Buying "CEZ Bulgaria" » Bulgarian Parliament Voted for Two New Naval Vessels » Trump Says he Holds Putin 'Personally Responsible' for Election Meddling » Radio Free Europe Resumes Broadcasts for Bulgaria, Romania » Bulgaria to Formally Apply to Join EU's Banking Union » There is going to be a Children's Aqua Park in Sofia » Bulgaria Celebrates the 181th Anniversary of its National Hero Vasil Levski's Birth » The Bulgarian State will Provide Millions to BDZ for New Trains in 2020 » "Gallup International": Bulgarian PM Borisov is the Most Approved Leader by the People from the Western Balkans » Bulgaria Consults on DAB+ Authorisations » GERB Leader: I am Convinced that Austria and Romania will Continue the Key Priorities of the Bulgarian Presidency » Bulgaria Entered a Schengen Mode for the Eurozone Too » Private Plane Flew from Sofia Airport without Passing a Border Check » Bulgaria Expects this Year to Reach Defense Spending Equal to 1.56% of GDP » Soon in Sofia: Home Repair? Just over the Weekend and after Asking Permission from the Neighbors » Increase in New Passenger Car Registrations in Bulgaria » 858 Dams in Bulgaria are in a Need of Repair » The Mission of the 36th Bulgarian Military Contingent in Afghanistan has Began » Unemployment in Bulgaria Continues to Decline » Theresa May: 'We risk Ending up with no Brexit at All' » In the Mountains During the Summer? Here are some Tips from a Rescuer » Today is the Donald Trump Vladimir Putin Helsinki Summit » Ukrainian President Appoints Ambassadors to Bulgaria and Algeria » 250,000 in London to Protest against Trump » Heavy Traffic from Serbia to Bulgaria via Kalotina » Uzbek-Bulgarian Trade House Opens in Sofia » Soon 13 New Trams will be Delivered in Sofia » Soon Starts the Construction of an Underpass at Pencho Slaveykov Blvd in Sofia » Trump Starts his UK Tour by Threatening to Kill off US a Trade Deal » EU Citizens could Work in the UK 'Visa-free' after Brexit, According to Government Blueprint » ECB Could take more than One Tear to Assess Bulgaria's Banking Union Bid » Bulgaria's Path towards ERM II Participation » New service: Sofia Residents can Buy a Ticket for Underground and Public transport via Phone » Drinking Water in Sofia is Among the Best in Europe » Trump Claims Victory after Forcing NATO Crisis Talks » NATO Insists Georgia will Join, Despite Separatist Challenge » European Parliament and Commission Divided on National Parks in Bulgaria » China's Ambassador to Bulgaria: A Multilateral Co-Operation is Possible » Foreign Minister Zaharieva: The Netherlands and France do not Let Bulgaria in the Schengen Zone » Municipality of Stamboliyski Launches Free Public Transport » Sofia Receives New Train for New Metro Line » Azerbaijan, Bulgaria Mull Issues of Military co-op » Bulgaria Makes Bank Pledges in Bid to Join Euro Waiting Room » Toucan Hatched for the First Time in the Sofia Zoo » Sofia is Now Part of the FAIRMODE Project » NATO and EU Leaders Sign Joint Declaration » Canada Extends NATO Mission in Latvia, Adds more Troops » BGN 300 Fine Threatens Skaters Doing Stunts Outside Specially Designated Areas in Sofia » Turkey's Erdogan Appoints Son-in-law as Finance Minister » British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson Quits in Protest over May's Brexit Plan » PM Borisov Suggests L.Pavlova to Lead the Global Center of CEE and China » The Bulgarian Foreign Minister Zaharieva to the Annual Meeting of the Western Balkans in London » AFP: China Eyes Eastern Europe Investment as US Trade War Sizzles » China has an Interest in Building the Belene NPP, a Highway and a Railway Line to the Aegean Sea » Boyko Borisov Welcomed Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang » Did English Writer Charles Dickens Live in the Bulgarian Coastal City of Bourgas? » The Interior Minister: Bulgaria is Perhaps the most Secure Place on the Balkans » Prime Minister Borisov will Receive the European Personality of the Year Award in Sarajevo » The Garbage Containers in the Center of Sofia will be Removed, the Trash goes Underground » The State has Allocated nearly BGN 104 Million to BDZ » The NRA Sealed a Trade Show in the Center of Burgas » Bulgarian Court has Recognized the Rights of a Same-sex Couple » The United States Intends to Deploy Modernized Nuclear Weapons in Europe » Boyko Borisov will have a Meeting with the Prime Ministers of Greece and Romania in Thessaloniki » Hybrid Bus will be Tested on Streets of Sofia » PM Borisov: The Biggest Success of the Bulgarian EU Presidency is the Prospect of the Western Balkans » The Leading Global Chain InterContinental Hotels & Resorts is Entering the Bulgarian Market » LogSentinel’s Blockchain Solution is Now Powering Bulgarian eGovernment » 10-meter Monument of the Sailor in Varna » The First of the Trains for the New Metro Line Arrived in Sofia » Chinese Companies with Serious Interest in Building a Tunnel under Shipka » Secret NRA Clients go to Hotels and Merchants on the Bulgarian Sea Resorts » The Bulgarian National Revenue Agency Checks 290 People with High Spending but without any Income » The European Parliament will Discuss the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU » Mexico Election: López Obrador Vows Profound Change after Win » Bulgaria in Demographic Death: We are below 7 Million » 1,000 Dams in Bulgaria are in Need of Serious Repair » BNR: Bulgaria Hands over Presidency of Council of EU to Austria » The US Ambassador to Estonia Resigned, Frustrated by Trump » The Number of Uninhabited Dwellings in Bulgaria is Growing, Could be Used for Social Housing » The Center of Sofia will be Closed for Extensive Renovation from Monday » Telecoms Reform to Bolster better and faster Connectivity across EU Approved by Member States » Temenuzhka Petkova: CESEC is an Indisputable Example of Successful Regional co-operation » Military Intelligence: There is no Danger of Refugee Flows to Bulgaria » Today PM Borisov Presents Bulgaria's Candidacy for Joining the Eurozone Waiting Room » The Borisov Cabinet Survived the Vote of No Confidence » PM Borisov will Participate in the European Council Meeting in Brussels » Turning Social Europe into a Reality: the Bulgarian Presidency Signs the Posting of Workers Directive » Two More Years for the Mega Project of "Garanti-Koza" in Sofia » The Cabinet Approved the Opening of a Concession Procedure at Sofia Airport » What to Expect from a Trump-Putin Summit » Tsipras Said he was Ready to Accept Migrants from Berlin » Queen Approves Brexit Law that will End Membership of EU » The Prices of Hot Water and Heating in Bulgaria Rise with 7% from July 1 » Macedonia Foreign Minister Promises Delicious Tomatoes to anyone who has Supported the Country for the EU » EU Trade with Australia and New Zealand: Directives Made Public » Council Conclusions on the Potential of the Circular Economy Adopted under the Bulgarian Presidency » Bulgaria hosted 20th EU-CELAC Meeting on Drugs » The Bulgarian Presidency Puts the Future of Health at the Centre of EU Ministerial Debate » The 70-тн EUPAN Director General Meeting was Held in Sofia » The Bulgarian Presidency Helps the EU Move Towards a more Efficient EU VAT System » Turkey Elections: Recep Tayyip Erdogan re-elected President » New Camel at the Sofia Zoo » Germany Pockets EUR 2.9 Billion from Greece Bailouts » Stoltenberg Expects Macedonia to be Invited to NATO in Early July » The Netherlands Gave the Green Light for Macedonia's Talks with the EU, but are Expected to Veto Negotiations with Albania » Fire Rescue Operation Training was Carried out in Burgas Port » Over BGN 50 Million Needed for the Repair the Bulgarian Army's Helicopters » Bulgarian Presidency Reports on the Progress Made on Topics Overseen by European Parliament’s Committee on Constitutional Affairs » Bulgarian President Rumen Radev Goes on a Two-day Official Visit to Serbia » At 13 Hours and 7 Minutes Today in Bulgaria will be Astronomical Summer » Trump Signed a Decree to End the Division of Migrant Families » The Guardian: Donald Trump’s Child Cruelty Shocks us, but it Shouldn’t Surprise us » The Green Parking Zone in Sofia will be Expanded from November 1 » Joint Statement by Commissioners Avramopoulos and King, the Ministers of Interior of the Western Balkans » V. Dombrovskis: Low Incomes are not an Obstacle to Bulgaria's Joining the Eurozone's "Waiting Room" » Kim Jong Un Visiting China » Bulgaria Takes Forward the Debate on the Future of the Common Agricultural Policy » South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation: Council Adopts New Rules » EU Priorities in the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation: Council Conclusions » North Sea Fisheries: Council Adopts Multiannual Management Plan » Aarhus Convention: Council Decision to Strengthen Access to Justice in Environmental Matters » Donald Trump Expects to Meet Vladimir Putin in July in Europe » A Sharp Slowdown in Wage Growth in Bulgaria » Euractiv: Bulgaria to Launch Joint Application to Euro Waiting Room and Banking Union » Bavaria Rebels could Unseat Merkel on Migration » Trump Told me 'You're a Brutal Killer', EU's Juncker Says » The Bulgarian Foreign Minister goes to Macedonia » Minister Kralev: We should use New Technologies to Show the Beauty of Sport and to Motivate for Physical Activity » Improving Security through Information Sharing: Council Agrees Negotiating Mandate on Interoperability » Deputy Minister of Defence Atanas Zapryanov Opened an International Scientific Conference on Cybersecurity and Cyber Defence » Screening of Investments: Council Agrees its Negotiating Stance » Audiovisual Media Services: Agreement on a Directive to Protect Minors, Boost Competitiveness and Promote European Content » Eight Countries will Participate in the largest NATO Military Exercise in Bulgaria » Half of Bulgarians Approve of the Potential Introduction of the Euro » PM Borisov: We will Discuss with Netanyahu whether we can do Joint Production in the Field of Defense » The European Parliament, the Council and the Commission Hold Second Round of Negotiations on a Mandatory Transparency Register » EU Customs Administrations Discuss the Exchange of Customs Related Information with Third Counties » Sofia Municipality Stops the Movement of Tram №7 on Bulgaria Blvd. » More than BGN 20 Million will be Invested for the Repair of 32 km of the Road Momchilgrad – Ivaylovgrad » Schengen Information System: Agreement between the Council Presidency and the European Parliament » Bulgarian Presidency Enables Member States to Agree on an Updated Role for the EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators » Greek FM: Skopje To Announce New Constitutional Name for Macedonia » Reuters: Penka the Bulgarian Cow Escapes Death Sentence after International Outcry » European Parliament of Enterprises will be held on 11 June 2018 in Sofia » Boyko Borisov is Leaving for Work Visits to Israel and Palestine » Merkel: EU will Act against U.S. Tariffs on Steel, Aluminum » ACER: Council Agrees Position to Update the Role of the EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators » Turkey has Completed the Construction of a 764-kilometer Concrete Wall on the Syrian Border » Trump Pulls US From G7 Joint Statement After Bitter Feud With Trudeau » Trump Arrived in Singapore for Historic Meeting with Kim Jong-un » Trakia Highway is Closed in both Directions near Kameno because of a Fire » Euractiv: Penka the Cow – a Buzz that Eclipsed the Bulgarian Presidency » Bulgarian Presidency Brings the EU a Step Closer to a Common Cybersecurity Certification Framework » Participants at Sofia Conference Confirm the Role of Cohesion Policy as a Key Investment Instrument in Europe » EU to Create a Common Cybersecurity Certification Framework and Beef up its Agency – Council Agrees its Position » EULEX Kosovo: New Role for the EU Rule of Law Mission » The Bulgarian Foreign Minister Seeks a Joint Claim for Indemnification for Thracian Refugees » Boris Johnson: Brexit might Fail » The Bulgarian Army will have New Combat Equipment » Bulgarian Presidency Brings Member States together on Key Legislation on Air, Marine Transport and on EU Toll System » EDA and Bulgarian EU Presidency Highlight Importance of Military Mobility » European Parliament Elections: Council Reaches Agreement on a Set of Measures to Modernise EU Electoral Law » EU is Making it Easier to Recover Unpaid Road Tolls – Council Agrees its Stance » Tackling Marine Litter: Council Agrees its Stance on Port Reception Facilities » Safeguarding Competition in Air Transport – the Council Adopts its Position » High Level Conference “EU Cohesion Policy: Post-2020 Perspectives for Convergence and Sustainable Regions" » Will there be Enough Lifeguards on the Bulgarian Beaches this Summer? » The Extension of Two Parts of the Burgas-Sunny Beach Road will be Completed Earlier than Expected » Parliament Passed Higher Fines and Prison Sentences for Poachers » Bulgarian Presidency Reports on the Progress Made on the Reform of the Common European Asylum System » Macron Quotes Bismarck, Compares a Conversation with Trump with Sausages » Aleksandar Vucic: "We have been Warned – if we Send Soldiers to Kosovo…" » Qatar Seeks Full Membership in NATO » Thousands of Czechs Protested against a New Babis Government » The Summer Season in Bulgaria Begins with Traffic Congestion » Trump to Meet Kim at 9am Singapore Time on 12 June, White House Says » Rumen Porodzanov: Tools for Supporting Young Farmers should Become more Effective » EU Justice Ministers Send a Signal of Unity at Monday’s JHA » Joint Actions are Key to Preventing and Reducing the Risk of Disasters » Developments for Effective EU Migration Policy Discussed in Sofia » Boyko Borisov Talked with the Prime Minister of Kosovo » Five Establishments in Sunny Beach will be Demolished » Putin could Meet with Kim Jong-un in September in Vladivostok » Jens Stoltenberg: If Iran Invades Israel, NATO will not intervene » Merkel has Rejected any Possible Financial Support for the Italian bank » Macedonia: Thousands Protest Against the Government and Country's Name Change » Police Captured 23 Illegal Migrants on the Border with Greece » Huge Traffic Jam on the Highway "Trakia" because of an Accident » Bulgaria Wants to Limit Bus Services to Encourage Those by Train » Malaysia Has Asked Residents to Help with Paying Its Huge Debt » More than 5000 Missiles Were Launched from the Beginning of the Season » Spanish Socialist Sanchez succeeds Rajoy as Prime Minister » The Interior Minister: Foreign Drivers Are not Paying Their Fines » The Repair of the 22 km Stretch of Trakia Highway is Completed » European Business Warned the British Prime Minister Theresa May for the Impending Contraction of Investments » New Drop of Unemployment in Bulgaria » A Man from Haskovo Murdered His Wife and His Neighbor » Electric Buses will be Introduced in Veliko Tarnovo » Bulgarian Foreign Minister Zaharieva Establishes Diplomatic Relations with Vanuatu » PM Borisov Informed the Representatives of EU Countries about his Latest Visits » In Bulgaria Fewer Cigarettes Are Produced » Fewer Cigarettes Have Been Produced In Bulgaria » Increase in Prices of Electricity, Heating and Hot Water in Bulgaria from 1 July » Bulgarian Presidency Hosts Debates on the Future of Space, Research and Innovation Policies » Mutual Recognition of Goods: Council Agrees Position to Reinforce the Single Market » Bulgarian Presidency Achieves a Major Breakthrough by Brokering a Deal on the Banking Package » Bulgarian Presidency Steers Debates on the Role of Culture in Future Policies and the Sustainability of Sport » Bulgaria's contract with "Eurotransplant" ended » Borisov in front of Medvedev: The World is a very Difficult Place with Endless Conflicts » Putin Welcomed Bulgarian PM Borisov with a Hug (Photos) » Minimum standards for food will be ready in a month and a half » The Financial Times Оpens a Тechnology Оffice in Sofia, Bulgaria » Municipality Officials from Sevlievo "Exchanged Experience" at the French Riviera » Montenegro's Airspace will be Protected by NATO from June 5 » The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Predicts that Bulgaria's Lag behind the EU to Continue for at least 15 Years » Once Again the EP Calls for Bulgaria and Romania to be Admitted to the Schengen Area » The Hemus Highway Should be Completed by Early 2024. » The Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture is Developing New Food Requirements » The 'Strength' of the Bulgarian Passport has Increased » Bulgaria's Preparations for the Next Programming Period 2021 – 2027 will Begin Immediately after the End of the EU Presidency » Jump in Price: Taxi Companies in Bulgaria Demand BGN 1 per Kilometer » Bulgarian Teacher Dancing Very Provocatively During Prom » Scientists Predict Growth in the Bulgarian Economy in the Coming Years » PM Borisov Sees a Tremendous Potential for Cooperation with China in the Field of Agriculture » You Can Now Request Online ,One-day and Even 4 Hours Employment Contracts » Italy's PM-Designate Returned the Mandate for Forming a Government » North and South Korean Leaders Hold Surprise Meeting » Bulgaria could Allow Macedonia to Use its Embassies » Pompeo: Russia is Aggressively Trying to Strengthen its Positions in the Balkans » Boyko Borissov Invited Pope Francis to Visit Our Country » Police Found 6 Tons of Amphetamine at a Port in Varna, Bulgarian Seaside » Large Tree Fell on a Car on a Busy Street in Plovdiv » Hail and Rain in Lovech, Firefighters Pull up Cars » A Dog Caught Nearly 200 kg of Heroin at Kapitan Andreevo Border Checkpoint » What to Look for in the New Rules on Personal Data » Another 12 Hospitals in Bulgaria Are Facing Bankruptcy, Ombudsman Maya Manolova Said » Donald Trump Cancels Meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong-un » The French President Macron is on an Official Visit to Russia » Bulgarian PM Borisov will go on a Visit with Pope Francis » Counter Campaign: Publishing House Asks if we Value Gambling more than Culture (Video) » On 24 May Balchik Opens a Monument to Cyril and Methodius » Celebrations, Processions, Concerts and Awards on the Day of Slavonic Scripture » Increase in Pensions: Pensioners Will Receive 3.8% more » the Streets of the Capital Turned into a Real Action Arena that Ended with Arrests. » Pasko Ermenkov Apologized for the Created Panic about "Poisoned" Water in Sofia »