Srebarna Nature Reservat

Srebarna Lake is located on the Danube flood plain, 19km west of the town of Silistra. The area was declared a wildfowl refuge in 1942 and established as a nature reserve in 1948.

Srebarna is the only natural tract of land of any considerable extent to be protected in north-eastern Bulgaria, a floristic region of the Ukraine-Kazakh biotic province. Plants include the reed community Phragmites communis which occupies two thirds of the reserve and forms a thick barrier around the lake, water lily Nymphaea alba and a number of rare marsh plants. Some 67 plant apecies can be found in Srebarna Nature Reserve, some of which are rare in Europe.

The reserve was set up primarily to protect the rich avifauna, nearly 180 bird species (half of the Bulgarian avifauna), including 80 migratory species. There are 99 breeding species, including the only Bulgarian colony of Dalmatian pelican.

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Srebarna Nature Reservat
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