MelnikMelnik (pop. 800) is the smallest Bulgarian town, picturesquely situated amidst a fantastic scenery - strangely shaped pyramids of sand and limestone. During the 17th - 18th c. it become a flourishing tobacco and wineproducing center, whose fame spread to many European countries. The beautiful fortress-like houses with broad wine-cellars cut in the limestone rocks date from this period. 
Steep, strangely shaped sandstone rocks, lovely white houses perched on their slopes and a single street which leads to the finest example of the former splendour of this small southern town. 
The Kordopoulos House - with Venetian stained glass windows, spacious rooms and salons, ornamental murals, weaves and fretwork, a wrought iron gate and large wine-cellar from which caravans with the famous Melnik wine once left for Salonika, Athens, Vienna, Rome, and even Marseille and Spain.

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