Household bills

Household’s expenditures depend on your standard of living, size of your house and family. Use of electricity and central heating generate main expenses and constantly increasing. The average cost in Bulgaria for electric is € 0.43 kw/h, but a small reduction is available for night units. Also there is a difference in commercial and domestic usage prices. Average cost of central heating is around € 15-20 in summer and € 60-100 during winter months, although it will depend on property size, numbers of heating units and hot water usage.

Water is pretty cheap at maybe € 10 so long as not using loads to water the garden.

Cost of landline and mobile phones depends of how much you use the phone. Landline rental is around € 7 and all calls are on top. Cost of mobile phones is differs between the networks but would budget for € 15-25 a month.

For satellite TV the monthly cost depends on the package and channels you choose to have access to but on average you will be looking at around € 10 a month.

Internet again depends on what type you go for and what is available but generally looking at around € 10-30 a month for various packages.

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