Education in Bulgaria is overseen by the Ministry of Education and Science and comprises the pre-school education, school education and higher education. School education comprises primary and secondary, between ages 7 to 16 and is free at state owned schools. A six-point scale is used to assess the knowledge and skills.

Primary education is sub-divided into two levels – lower primary education from Grade I - IV and upper primary education from Grade V - VIII. A certificate of completed primary education is obtained upon graduation.

Secondary education in Bulgaria can be divided into secondary general /comprehensive and profile-oriented/ and vocational. Students can enter the profile-oriented schools upon completion of Grade VII or VIII after passing entry examinations, according to the profile of the school. Secondary vocational education can be attained at technical schools upon completion of Grade VIII. A secondary education degree is obtained upon graduation from Grade XII and successfully taken matriculation exams.

The types of higher education institutions are Universities, Colleges and Specialized Higher Schools. There are both public and private higher education institutions in Bulgaria. Universities, as in most countries worldwide, have three stages: Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees.

More information is available on the webpage of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science.

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