As with most countries, accommodation cost in Bulgaria depends of places to stay. An independent holidaymaker may consider an abundance of budget, mid-range and good standard hotels and resorts which offer supreme luxury of a five star lodging at affordable prices. Accommodation cost at big cities and resorts during peak season is similar to that of Western Europe. The typical cost is from 25 Euros for a double room to 1000 Euros for a luxury hotels brands and villas per person per night.

A long-term rental always has a fixed monthly rental for the term, which reflects the type of property, the amenities, the location and the quality of the property. The cost of rent in capital city Sofia is between €3 and €20 per square meter and €1 and €5 per square meter for the small towns and countryside.

The Bulgarian property market currently offers good investment potential considering the long-term prospects for the country. Buying property in Bulgaria is the value for money aspect as the property prices, although rising, are incredibly cheap. And intelligibly, there are expensive hotspots, some coastal regions, certain areas within Sofia and other large cities and even some of the rural areas.

Average prices in the capital city Sofia are around €920 per square meter. Prices on the Black Sea coast fell to an average €860 per square meter and in Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s second city they are €770 per square meter.

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